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Athletic Participation


Academic Eligibility

Participation on an athletic team is a privilege not a right.  Student athletes are expected to demonstrate good work and behavior habits.

Grades, attitude and effort on the part of athletes are monitored every five weeks during the school year.  Students exhibiting problems on the aforementioned areas may be suspended from participation.

Students failing one course are placed on athletic probation.  Those students must attend after school extra-help sessions until grades are brought up.

Students failing two subjects are not allowed to participate in athletic contests until grades are brought back to passing.  Those students must attend extra help but may continue to practice.

Students failing three or more subjects may not practice or play.  Students under this policy are ineligible for a two week period or until grades are brought up to passing.  The Eligibility Committee consisting of the high school principal, athletic director, a guidance counselor and the head of the student association will review grades when requested by the student for change of eligibility status.

Health Examination (Athletic Eligibility)

Student athletes must receive medical clearance from the school health office before they may practice or try out for an athletic team.  The following guidelines outline the process for obtaining this clearance:

Physical exams must be done by one of the school district appointed physicians and are considered current for 12 continuous months.  Student-athletes are required to obtain a completely new physical if the previous physical date expires before or during the upcoming sports season.

All student athletes and their parents must complete the following:

  1. Emergency Contact Card
  2. Medical History Card
  3. Concussion Management Information
  4. Student Information Form
  5. Code of Conduct, Quality of Life Form


School athletic physicals are conducted every August prior to the school year beginning and just prior to the beginning of each sport season, fall, winter, spring.

Friday, April 28, 2017