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Executive Summary

The East Hampton School District embraces the challenge of preparing students for a rapidly changing world. Our schools provide an opportunity for all students to learn and succeed. The East Hampton School District is dedicated to identifying and implementing programs that support the mission of the school district and greater good of the community. The primary goal is to support quality instruction and student academic achievement. This goal is supported by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of informational flow for administrative functions freeing resources to support student learning. Finally, the East Hampton School District is a learning community predicated on the notion of organizational growth for increased student learning opportunities. The technology plan will be evaluated and adjusted annually to accommodate the objectives of the district.

Mission Statement

The East Hampton School Districts is a learning community committed to the democratic belief that all children have the right, ability, and opportunity to achieve excellence and to become productive members of a complex global society. We believe informational literacy, problem solving, and collaborative working environments are the core skills necessary to be successful in a rapidly changing world. The technology plan is designed to support the mission and goals of the East Hampton School District.
















Sunday, June 26, 2022