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The East Hampton High School Learning Community, united in purpose, effort, and commitment to academic excellence, will prepare students to enter higher education or the work force as contributing citizens of a democratic society in a changing world.

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VOTING by Alden Powers

With the midterm elections around the corner, many people have been thinking their vote doesn’t matter. And in the grand scheme of things, it seems like it doesn’t. With around 320 million people living in the US, what good will one vote do? Can any individual voices even be heard? This voter disillusionment is sweeping the country as citizens feel disconnected to the politics occurring.

However, each person who decides that they don’t like any of the candidates and stays home adds up. Reportedly only 40 percent of Americans vote during the midterm elections. The last midterm elections had the lowest voter participation in over 70 years. Every little bit matters and a few people on Tuesday could decide the winner in close races. Even a single vote can make a big difference. There have been more than a dozen races decided by a single vote or ending in a tie over the last 20 years.

Whichever side or party you support, not voting makes you complicit in the degradation of our political system. We fought for our right to vote and continue to fight to allow everyone the equal opportunity. Exercising your power and civic duty allows you to participate in society. The decisions made by representatives you vote into office will affect your daily lives. Young people are even less likely to vote than the rest of the population. This means that other demographics of individuals will be more represented, even though young people are the ones who will have to grow up with these decisions. Although only a small portion of you reading this are over eighteen years old, everyone can get involved. Convince your parents, your neighbors, or anyone you encounter to head to the polls on Tuesday.

Not only should everyone vote, but they should vote responsibly. Make sure to understand the issues and research the candidates. Uninformed voters simply following the masses are the downfall of democracy. Taking a few minutes online to find out more can go a long way into ensuring a brighter future.

So, what are your excuses? You don’t like the candidates? Pick the best one. One vote doesn’t matter? Clearly, it does. You can’t understand what is going on? Take a moment to educate yourself, or ask a friend. Get out to the polls this Tuesday!

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