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East Hampton High School

Alumni Panel


Alumni Panel 2021

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Many thanks to our participants in this year's EHHS Alumni Panel, hosted by the school counseling department. Graduates from the Class of 2020 returned for a virtual panel to speak about their first-year college experiences to current students. Please see the following links to the Zoom recordings - there is one session geared to 9th/10th graders and another to 11th/12th graders. Both provide valuable insights to the application process, life on campus, and how to make the most of your time in high school. 

Remy Campbell - Elon University
Samantha Totten - UNC Wilmington 
Samantha Prince - Yale University
Grace Frazier - Belmont University
Bailey Grant - James Madison University
Mateo Munera - SUNY University at Buffalo
Ashley Peters - Culinary Institute of America
Zoe Leach - Tulane University

Hosts (School Counselors):
Julia Petersen
Jenna Pierro
Samone Ritz

College Information Sheet

Alumni Panel 9th/10th graders
Alumni Panel 11th/12th graders

Alumni Panel 2020


On January 8, 2020, the high school guidance & counseling department hosted its annual Alumni Panel. Graduates from the Class of 2019 returned for an assembly to speak about their first-year college experiences to current students. Many thanks to our participants for sharing their time, honesty, and valuable advice.

Naomi Blowe - High Point University
Kyla Vigilant  - SUNY Oneonta
Samantha King - Marymount University
Malia Guebli - Fordham University
Kurt Matthews - Louisiana State University
Annelise Mendelman - University of Rochester
Gabriel Grenci - SUNY Cortland
David Peralta - St. John’s University
Cristopfer Criollo - SUNY Cortland
Pamela Ramirez - SUNY Oneonta
Cameron Downs - Marist College
Mary McDonald - Providence College
Lateshia Peters - Claremont McKenna College
Claire Hopkins - Wake Forest University

Wednesday, May 18, 2022