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Staff Forms

  • Digital Cabinet
    The Digital Cabinet is designed to provide an organized and secure system for sensitive documentation. All queries will require an approval process. Please provide detailed information as to the nature of the request to ensure maximized efficiencies. The ability to submit information will also require an approval process. Please provide appropriate tags to allow for efficient retrieval of information.
  • Employee Emergency Contact Information

    • Employee Emergency Contact Card
    • Employee Emergency Contact Information

      Click on the link to fill in your emergency contact information.
      You’ll be asked for your Employee ID Number. It can be found on your pay stub under Employee Number.
      Fill in all of the information. Below you will find a flow chart explaining where the information will go. All medical information will only go to the building nurse

      The Link

      Transportation/District Office/High School –
      Lorraine Talmage –
      Middle School - Barbara Tracey -
      John Marshall - Sue Van Dyke –

      Once approved, the medical portion will go to the school nurse and the remaining emergency contact information will flow to Sherri Ross in Human Resources. This information will be populated in nVision once reviewed by Sherri Ross.
  • Conference Request
    This form is for all conference requests. . If you are requesting reimbursement, you will be asked to attach a Conference Flyer, Proof of Expenses, and Google Maps (or MapQuest, or any other resource that shows mileage) for Mileage to the packet, once approved and attended, that you will be asked to submit to the Business Office.

    So you are aware, Conference Requests go through an extensive approval process. This process is as follows:

    - The request is first submitted to the school Principal. From there, it is sent to the Department Coordinator or Director, if there is one. Once approved at that level, it is sent to the Assistant Superintendent's office for final approval. Upon final approval, the person who completed the form, the Director/Coordinator, the building Principal and Secretary, the Business Office, and finally Human Resources will be notified via email. The notification will read as follows:

    "Congratulations! You have been approved for the conference named in this email. Please register in AESOP for attendance. In addition, you may now register for the conference you requested. Be sure to obtain all documentation necessary to complete the requisition for estimated costs. If you have any questions, please see your building principal."

  • Conference Reimbursement
    If you are requesting reimbursement, please complete the requisition with proof of conference approval, MapQuest/Google Maps, and any other essential documentation prior to attending the conference. See Conference Request Reimbursement Timeline here for further clarification. After attending the conference, complete the reimbursement form and report form located under Conference Reimbursement on the webpage. Please attach all necessary documents for reimbursement and submit this to the Business Office.

  • Form Status

Friday, August 18, 2017